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Endless Day


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The Band

right here is where we are supposed to say something meaningful and insightful about how we formed this band. uhh...cant think of anything right now.



age: 18
position: drums and percussion
favorite things to do: play drums, work out, and do the rain dance
brands of equipment: Tama Drums, Dw Drums, Taye Drums, Paiste, Sabian, Zildjian, Vic Firth, Pro Mark, Remo Drumheads, Aquarian Drumheads, Roc n Soc Drum Thrones, Gibralter rack systems.
About me: im a senior in high school; i drive an F-150; i like The Police, U2, Pat Metheny, and Dave Brubeck; the college i am going to is University of Texas.



Hi, im dan i play the bass.  I also run myself retarded(that just means a lot).  I enjoy playing bass a lot and my idol is the one and only flea of the RHCP.  i also enjoy my sex ed class, because i learn something new every day.



Position: vocalist
favorite things: the color purple, pretending i am elvis presley, permanently borrowing things, and driving my car on sidewalks.
equipment: a permanently borrowed Shure beta 58 microphone, and a permantly borrowed silver mic stand



Age: 18
Position: Left of the stage, usually.
When I'm not playing guitar, I'm at school or sleeping. I like cars and guitars. Rhymes!

Various other people associated with Endless Day



Name: Becca
- one of Joel's sexy drum techs
stuff i like doing: being a tech for the theatre, swimming, and starbucks


Name: Kate
- one of Joel's sexy drum techs
stuff i like to do: swim and set off car alarms, and some other stuff



Age: 16
Position: band's photographer, fashion advisor, and groupie
Favorite music: 311, Sublime, and of course Endless Day



Age: 17
Position: guitar tech, roadie, and friend of the band
Status: single
A little bit about Chris: Chris plays lacrosse for the high school (he is a goalie). Some of his favorite things to do include; racing his Bugatti on the streets of Houston, trying to see how many girls he can go out with at the same time, and lighting cigars with $100 bills.